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Learn about the AARM version 4.0

To find out about the AARM version 4 then why not listen to one of Imitec's Directors, Professor Tom Scott, on how the system works. See the video below to find out just how easy it is to setup and operate the AARM. 

Parallel Lines

Simplicity makes a difference

Whether you're responding to a nuclear emergency or you're working in the heat of the dessert, the last thing you want is for your equipment to take ages to setup and deploy. We've learnt this first hand by working in nuclear environments such as the Chornobyl or Fukushima restricted zones.

For exactly these reasons, the AARM is designed to be extremely easy to use and rapid to deploy. Such a system takes much of the stress out any the deployment scenario; allowing you to concentrate on recording excellent data with the minimum of fuss. 

Why don't you consider the AARM as next purchase for your radiological mapping toolkit?

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