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We can bring AARM to you...

Imitec is able to offer a variety of in-field services for clients across a number of different market sectors. Our team has extensive field operations experience across the world from the Ukraine, to East Africa, to the USA and South America. We love to travel and we love to collect data, so why not consider how our services might quickly help your company.

Nuclear facility mapping

We provide an in-field service for companies and facilities that wish to have their nuclear facilities and sites surveyed. We provide baseline gamma surveys using UAV and ground-based AARM systems as well as post incident dose mapping.

Public Events

For radiological monitoring at public events where data is needed in real-time to prevent or mitigate threats and incidents. AARM can be used both in the air or on the ground to provide monitoring where it is most needed by security teams.

Mine site surveys

AARM technology is now well proven for the assessment of both working and legacy mining sites to determine radiological footprint of the workings, tailings and run-off areas for environmental permitting and clean-up planning.

Agricultural surveys

An active area of development for Imitec is the use of the AARM in targeted agriculture, used for mapping soil moisture, soil types, contamination and more. Repeat mapping allows farmers to chart and decide important changes to their fields and pastures.

Mineral Mapping

A new field of activity for the AARM, using larger volume detectors, is UAV-based large area mapping for mineral exploration. Distinguishing between NORM gamma emitter allow differentiation of different rock types and ore bodies.

Water Resource Mapping

A future service that Imitec will offer is UAV-based gamma mapping of snow-cover in mountainous areas to determine summer (melt) water resources well ahead of time. This is crucial for budgeting water supplies in continental areas.


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